Turkish Embassy in Mogadishu

Ambassador's Message

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s visit with members of his cabinet and his family to Mogadishu on 19 August 2011 received worldwide appreciation, which alerted global public opinion to the worst humanitarian disaster of the last 60 years in the horn of Africa. Renewed attention to the plight of Somalia and the Somali people raised hope and helped the country fight drought and famine.

Turkish people raised more than 300 million USD worth of humanitarian aid in 2011. Many Turkish governmental and non-governmental agencies rallied towards the cause of ending the famine and succeeded in relieving some pain on the ground. We, at the Embassy, has been at the service of Turkish and Somali people in Somalia to support their unending endeavors since then. We will continue to do our best in helping Somali people with our mandate sanctioned by Prime Minister Erdoğan and Turkish government.

My message to Somali people, please feel free to engage our Embassy via regular communication channels in any matter you deem important and we will always try our best to help you.

With warm regards,


Olgan Bekar