Turkey Welcomes Puntland Elections

Mogadişu Büyükelçiliği 09.01.2014



Mogadishu, Somalia---The Embassy of the Republic of Turkey congratulates the people of Puntland for a peaceful and orderly presidential election. The Embassy also congratulates both President-elect Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas and departing president Abdirahman Mohamud Faroole for their leadership.

“This is a significant step toward peace and democracy in Somalia,” said Ambassador C. Kani Torun, “We are looking forward to working with President-elect Abdiweli Gaas whom we had great relations with when he was a Prime Minister of the TFG.”

The Republic of Turkey will continue to support the Somali people in general and the Puntland people in particular to realize their aspiration to rebuild their country and their state institutions.

The peaceful election in Puntland is another sign that Somalia is indeed on a path to recover from years of instability. The Turkish people and their government are committed to stand by their Somali brothers and sisters during these challenging times.


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